Our history begins when Mr Henrik Preuss (ꝉ), at the age of 22 years joins the company in which his family had a non-fruitful participation and undertakes the challenge to start from the scratch, by founding the company: Centrans Internacional, S.A. as ship’s agency in August 30th, 1,989.

Centrans starts operations and initially did attend vessels carrying a wide variety of cargoes / products like fertilizers, paper, iron and steel goods, etc.

Our Company was born from accumulated experienced gained over three decades in the maritime industry. One of the anecdotes that the coworkers tell is that Mr. Preuss always worked side by side with them at the beginning of the company.

Henrik Preuss

What we do

Centrans Internacional, is a full shipping agency serving 30 years in the maritime industry providing representation for some of the most important lines in the tramp trade and also for some liners service ships in the entire Pacific and Atlantic Coast of Guatemala. Our wide range of services sets us apart from the competition.

Committed to delivering integrated services to the shipping, maritime, and logistics industry at the highest levels of quality and safety. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

To be the most recognized shipping agency in Central America, providing a revolutionary service in shipping, maritime and logistics solutions.
What we



We act with a sense of urgency

  • Development of efficient processes to maintain control and satisfy internal and external clients
  • Quickly accept the changes of priorities and make the necessary adjustments
  • Be Proactive and efficient, anticipate any problems
  • Respond in a timely manner to the internal and external client’s requirements


We do honor our commitments and achieve goals

  • We are punctual to comply with all our assignments
  • We honor our obligations, ensuring to make them attainable
  • We do follow up to the agreed commitments
  • Any failure to comply with our commitments must be immediately corrected
  • Inform in a timely manner in case we do not being able to comply with any assignment, indicating the reasons.


We ensure that everyone has the necessary information to do their best. 

  • Don’t take anything in personal manner
  • In case of doubts, avoid assuming
  • Tell the truth with respect, being clear and concise in my communication
  • Handle the information with the appropriate confidentiality
  • Promote dialogue, listening carefully and considering the opinions and ideas of others
  • Value the opinions of others and contribute with my own during the meetings
  • Full respect to our superiors and co-workers


We like to develop new businesses.

  • Maintain good relationships with the key actors in our industries
  • Keep updated on the trends which may impact on our business
  • We are attentive to identify any new projects
  • We analyze and smartly respond to any new challenges
  • We assemble the appropriate schemes for the execution of any new projects


  • Trusted & reliable partner.
  • Excellent relationship with Port Authorities.
  • Commitment to excellence through quality, efficiency & safety.
  • Professionals, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team.
  • Quick turnaround of vessels & cargo, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers.
  • Real time updates & reporting.
  • Expertise to handle dry & wet cargoes, break bulk, project cargo, containers & cruise ships.
Our Purpose

Trade Facilitation

In 2019: Centrans Celebrates 30 years of service in Guatemala:

"We are part of a great history"

“Every one of us, have done our bit for the growing of Centrans International, S.A, and that is why we feel it part of our lives, we want to celebrate this 30th anniversary as a big family”.

Hans Wagner, CEO

Hans Wagner


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Whether you are a generalist, a specialist, newly graduated or highly experienced in one of our business areas, then Centrans is an excellent option for challenging, energizing and rewarding. Please contact us rrhh@centransgroup.com.gt

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