Our wide experience allows us to efficiently and safely coordinate the different services that might be required or needed by crewmembers during their port stay, such as off signers upon completion of service contract, on signers arriving to join the vessels, as well as basic and specialized medical assistance.

The crew of a ship are all persons, including the captain and employees who are currently under contract for activities on board the ship during a trip and included in the crew list or in the role of ship crew engaged in Your maneuver and service.

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  • Coordination of crew handling.

    The shipping agency in Guatemala Centrans International offers the service of Coordination of the management of crew members and / or persons outside the crew of a ship.

  • Medical attention.

    At Centrans, our extensive experience allows us to efficiently and safely coordinate medical services that may be required by a member of the crew. From basic medical needs, covered by local doctors in the ports, to advanced medical services we can coordinate them efficiently, so that the decrease in risks for the people who require them are guaranteed.

  • Attendance at airports or terminals.

    Our shipping agency in Guatemala has assistance to passengers, crews, aircraft and merchandise in airports and terminals, offers services of attention and information, manage the documentation of goods and assist the crew at all times.

  • Transportation.
  • Lodging.